Our state-of-the-art biogas engines are suitable for operation on all common types of Biogas like Sewage Gas, Digester gas, Landfill gas, Waste water treatment gas, etc. The standard output is declared at 55% CH4 and 32% CO2. Our engines in standard configuration could be operated on fuels with concentration down to 40% CH4.

Refurbished Gas Engines:  

We have the proven capacity to provide customers refurbished gas engines depending upon need and budget of any range.

Biogas to Power accessories:  

Enerzea Power Solution acts as a one-stop single window service provider for biogas to power solutions and cater to the vital needs of the varied industries requirements, with a focus on developing and implementing system solutions tailored to fit client’s specific applications.

Enerzea offer Trunkey solution consisting of Biogas Genset, membrane/holder, Dehumidifier, Scrubbing system, compressor, flare system etc.