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one of the greatest challenges which societies are facing now and will face in future is the reduction of Green House Gas emissions, thus preventing the climate change. Therefore its must now to replace fossil fuels with renewable resources like Biogas. Biogas can be produced from various organic waste, or as a byproduct from industrial processes. there are other advantages also besides energy production, such as prevention of odour release and the decrease of pathogens through anaerobic digestion. moreover, the nutrients rich digested residue can be used as a fertilizer for recycling the nutrients back to the fields.
The Environmental Benefits Of Bio gas Technology: The environmental benefits of biogas technology are often highlighted as the most valid and sustainable , alternative to fossil fuels. Together with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, biogas can enhance energy security, due to its high energetic potential. this renewable energy also allows exploiting agricultural and zoo byproducts, municipal water with a least impact on air quality. Another important advantage of biogas technology is its easy scalability, exploiting the energetic potential of decentralized biomass sources. Another important benefit of biogas is that it can be upgraded to biome thane, can be used as a vehicle fuel or injected into national natural gas grids.