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Generation of biogas and power from maize tapioca and other tapioca flour.Since ages industrial wastewater from tapioca flour has been a problem for the environment, due to the presence of high organic parameters of COD. This effluent can be a significant environmental problem if not managed properly . Enerzea has provided solution for same and installed biogas generator sets and also provided CHP solution on this kind of effluents.
NATURAL GAS AN ATTRACTIVE FUEL OPTION FOR MSME IN DELHI-NCR REGION; The MSME sector has a huge presence in greater NCR. In the NATIONAL CAPITOL TERRITORY of Delhi, there are around thousands of MSME units in industrial and non -industrial areas. More than 50% are mainly in four industrial areas of Wazirpur , Lawrence road, Narela , Badli, and Bawana. As per data collected by TERI, there are over 100 industrial areas and thousands of MSMEs operating in the NCR region, representing multiple sub sectors such as leather goods, garments, textiles, cold storages, utensils, auto components, sports goods, mixed engineering, forging, plastic injection moulding, oil mills, food processing, secondry steel etc. in addition a large number of brick kilns, which primarily use coal as a fuel, also operate in the region. The air quality in this Delhi-NCR region is especially problematic. In this background, TERI undertook a study supported by world bank, to asses the potential and impact of a switch to natural gas from heavier polluting fuels in the MSME sector in NCR. Government is playing an important role in large scale adoption of natural gas by the MSMEs by facilitating creation of necessary infrastructure to ensure reliable supply of natural gas at a subsidized rate to the MSMEs