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Combined heat and power supply Understanding the concept of CHP systems The CHP or combined heat and power supply, also known as “cogeneration”, generates electricity and utilizes the thermal energy that usually goes wasted in the process. In the conventional power generation, usually, 2/3 of energy used to produce electricity is squandered in the form of heat discharged to the atmosphere, which implies only 1/3 of the input fuel’s potential energy is converted into usable energy. The CHP system absorbs the heat, which is wasted during electricity generation process to provide useful thermal energy such as steam or hot water. This can be utilized for thermal cooling, domestic hot water and industrial processes. Therefore by preventing distribution losses, CHP can achieve efficiencies of over 80% when compared to conventional technologies which achieve only 50% efficiency. CHP systems- Features and applications The CHP systems provide electric power and heat from a single fuel source. It also uses diverse fuels to operate such as natural gas, biogas, coal is considered as the highly efficient form of energy conversion. The CHP system is used in over 4, 400 facilities worldwide. They are prominently used in:  Commercial buildings  Residential, institutions  Municipal Corporation and  Manufacturing sectors.  Process Industries Enerzea supports adaptive and innovative CHP solution Enerzea, A leading eco-friendly power generating company has effectually implemented the concept of CHP system in their Gensets to provide optimal support to the manufacturing sectors, where continuous high energy power supply is mandated. Enerzea offers power back up and optimized combined heat and power (CHP) solution to food processing, chemical, textile production or other manufacturing processes to maximize uptime.
Enerzea, a leading bio-friendly power generating Equipment Company has provided exclusive service in Biogas power generation for various sectors. With their comprehensive methodology and futuristic techniques, they utilize the bio degradable waste to convert into useful energy. The biogas obtained from the anaerobic digestion of biowaste is used to drive Biogas Genset which produces energy that could be utilized to meet the power requirement of the residential and commercial unit. This innovative, eco-friendly, cost-effective power generation technique has helped Enerzea to bag 400kw Biogas Power Generation Project outside India has enhanced its approach in the global market too. By converting poultry waste into biogas, it can be effectually used to drive the biogas Gensets to achieve the desired power of 400 KW. The strong contribution by Enerzea in meeting the energy requirements of various sectors has augmented its reach to a wider spectrum and has made them one of the leading manufacturer and solution providers in the field of biogas power generation.
Nigeria has battled many infrastructural challenges in its history among which is stable electricity supply. It is indisputable fact that Nigeria has one of the most problematic electricity sectors in the world. Recently the US trade and development agency has awarded a grant to NNPC Gas and power investment company LTD to provide the technical, economic and financial analysis necessary for the development of a 1350MW combined cycle, Natural gas-fired power plant in Abuja. this project will use indigenous gas resources to address the demand for power Nigeria's federal capital territory.
740kW Biogas based power generation project Enerzea, a leading clean energy generating Equipment Company The bio-friendly energy generation solution by Enerzea is an optimum solution to efficaciously meet the power requirements of small and large industries. The most reliable and cost-efficient energy generation has successfully supported the residential and agricultural sector. It is to be highlighted that the biogas is generated by the anaerobic digestion of agricultural waste, sewage waste, food waste, vegetable waste etc. Instead of dumping the waste in the trash yard, it can be utilized to convert waste to energy. This would help to conserve the natural resources and also effectually meet the power requirement at a low price. Enerzea’s biogas generation project : Enerzea, which has been consistently providing energy generation solution for various sectors, is in the mid of execution of 740KW power generation from Biogas . The Biogas generation is achieved from multi stock feed waste which includes green waste, cow dung waste , food waste, vegetable waste, forest waste etc. Enerzea’s biogas generation process of converting multi stock feed waste into useful energy will generate 740KW units per hour which customer will be selling to the utility company
Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Forests has laid down emission regulations for diesel gensets, We at Enerzea power provides gas generator sets which can meet current CPCB requirments as an alternative to replace diesel gensets, Our gensets are designed for continues and stand by operation. these gensets can be used in various process industries as well as hospitality sectors like Malls, Hospitals, Hotel Commercial Complex etc, Do reach us out for more information
Natural Gas is the cleanest fossil fuel. It is much cleaner alternative as compared to other fossil fuels. when burned, natural gas releases upto 50% less carbon dioxide than coal and roughly around 30% less than oil. When natural gas is used for power generation it emits negligible sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide & mercury. New innovative technologies are trying to capture carbon dioxide and convert into commercial fuel to further reduce the emission of co2. Thus natural gas offers a significant contribution to air quality.
GOVT MAY SHIFT FROM DIESEL GENERATORS TO NATURAL GAS FOR TELECOM TOWERS The petroleum and oil ministry is planning to convert diesel generators to run on natural gas which are used by Telecom towers. More than 2 billions liters of diesel is used by Telecom towers to meet 60% power requirement. GOVT moves to green around 2lakh Telco towers. Thus this move will help in reducing the considerably carbon footprint.
May God bless us all and help us during this tough time Enerzea - Natural and biogas power and CHP solution provider
Biogas and biogas upgrading is a widely studied & discussed topic and its utilization as a natural gas substitute has gained a significant attention in recent years. Making the membrane separation got significant market share with traditional biogas upgrading technologies. Biogas can be used raw or upgraded to biome thane. It can be used for domestic purposes like heating water or cooking & in industrial purposes for power generation. There are various sources from which biogas can be produced like from decomposing waste in landfills, wastewater from treatment facilities and from agriculture waste.