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India will get its very own Natural gas trading platform soon that will help discover local market price for gas through transparent demand-supply matching.


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Combined heat and power supply: Understanding the concept of CHP systems The CHP or combined heat and power supply, also known as “cogeneration”, generates electricity and utilizes the thermal energy that usually goes wasted in the process. In the conventional power generation, usually, 2/3 of energy used to produce electricity is squandered in the form of heat discharged to the atmosphere, which implies only 1/3 of the input fuel’s potential energy is converted into usable energy. The CHP system absorbs the heat, which is wasted during electricity generation process to provide useful thermal energy such as steam or hot water. This can be utilized for thermal cooling, domestic hot water and industrial processes. Therefore by preventing distribution losses, CHP can achieve efficiencies of over 80% when compared to conventional technologies which achieve only 50% efficiency. CHP systems- Features and applications The CHP systems provide electric power and heat from a single fuel source. It also uses diverse fuels to operate such as natural gas, biogas, coal is considered as the highly efficient form of energy conversion. The CHP system is used in over 4, 400 facilities worldwide. They are prominently used in: 1 Commercial buildings 2 Residential, institutions 3 Municipal Corporation and 4 Manufacturing sectors. 5 Process Industries Enerzea supports adaptive and innovative CHP solution Enerzea, A leading eco-friendly power generating company has effectually implemented the concept of CHP system in their Gensets to provide optimal support to the manufacturing sectors, where continuous high energy power supply is mandated. Enerzea offers power back up and optimized combined heat and power (CHP) solution to food processing, chemical, textile production or other manufacturing processes to maximize uptime. Case Study : Enerzea provided best CHP Gensets to meet uninterrupted power supply for textile industries in Surat. The textile capital of India and Diamond Capital of the world, Surat a fast growing city in the state of Gujarat. The textile industries at Surat thrive on the continuous supply of power for the production process and quality control of fabric manufacturing. The Eagle Fiber Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of the leading Indian textile conglomerate Eagle Group, Gujarat Polyfilms Pvt. Ltd. (GPPL), Alliance Fibers and Alliance Filament had explored alternative power solutions to ensure that their machines and systems are never switched off during inevitable power cuts and hence, after in-depth research, zeroed on Enerzea for gas based distributed captive power and cogeneration system . The expertise at Enerzea carefully analyzed the customer’s requisite and suggested adaptive and innovative solution - CCHP (Combined Cooling Heat & Power) Gensets to effectually meet uninterrupted power supply for smooth operations of textile industries. The Cogeneration solution consisting of gas generator, a heating or cooling system and plant control. A combustion engine is used to drive the electrical generator while energy generated by heat from the exhaust and cooling water system accumulated during the combustion process is converted to offer cooling and heating


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Enerzea a leading Eco-friendly power generating Equipment Company has adopted enhanced technological solution and has crafted a wide range of Natural gas Gensets with sophisticated and contemporary R& D design which are highly reliable and economical in operation. It adopts the concept of combined heat and power (CHP) and is effectively used for commercial and industrial purposes. The Natural gas Gensets by Enerzea that runs on Natural gas is used effectively in the power solution. It is used in various applications and is considered as a clean energy system.


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MTU new series gas engine comes with improved efficiency and power up gradation for natural and biogas application. These engines are designed for tropical conditions like India and it will help customer to save a lot on operation cost .


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" Eid Mubarak to all" from Enerzea team


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Gone are the days for town dump. Todays landfill sites are using greener method to safely cover waste . The underground methane gas produced can be used effectively to generate electricity . Enerzea has the sate of the art biogas Genset to harness these gases from such waste and generate electricity which can be used in house or supplied to the electricity grid.


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400 KW Biogas Power Generation Project from Chicken Litter Enerzea, a leading bio-friendly power generating Equipment supplier Company has provided exclusive service in Biogas power generation for various sectors. With their comprehensive methodology and futuristic techniques, they utilize the bio degradable waste to convert into useful energy. The biogas obtained from the anaerobic digestion of biowaste is used to drive Biogas Genset which produces energy that could be utilized to meet the power requirement of the residential and commercial unit. This innovative, eco-friendly, cost-effective power generation technique has helped Enerzea to bag 400kw Biogas Power Generation Project for export and has enhanced its approach in the global market too. By converting poultry waste into biogas, it can be effectually used to drive the biogas Gensets to achieve the desired power of 400 KW. The strong contribution by Enerzea in meeting the energy requirements of various sectors has augmented its reach to a wider spectrum and has made them one of the leading manufacturer and solution providers in the field of biogas power generation.


NATURAL GAS PRICE LIKELY TO BE REDUCED Natural Gas Price is expected to be reduced by 25% and hence it will be more economical for industries to run the gas engine for their power need. In cogeneration mode it will be more viable for end user to run the gas generator on continuous basis. Enerzea can offer the cost effective solution to customer by studying their power and heat requirement


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Landfill Gas, How does landfill gas affect the environment? A landfill site dumped of garbage contains waste produced from residential and other sectors. If it is not handled properly, it not only emanates harmful gases and bad odor, but also causes fire and health hazards. When the solid waste in the landfill site decomposes, it releases landfill gas, which is a complex mix of gases. It consists of 50% methane, 42% carbon dioxide, 7% nitrogen and 1% of oxygen compounds. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas and poses a serious threat because it is flammable and potentially explosive. Carbon dioxide is also a greenhouse gas, which traps the heat in the atmosphere, leading to severe climatic change. Effective utilization of landfill gas can be a useful source of energy If the landfill gas is properly managed then it can be a source of useful energy satisfying the power and gas needs of various sectors. The gases from the landfill are usually brought about due to the anaerobic digestion by microbes. LFG or the landfill gas is a natural byproduct of the decomposition of organic materials present in the landfill. Therefore, it should be used in a sensible way instead of escaping it into the atmosphere. The LFG is extracted from landfills using wells and blower systems. The collected gas is processed and handled according to its usage. It can be used for power generation or used as a fuel in the vehicles. Enerzea utilizes landfill gas to generate electricity to satisfy power needs of various sectors Enerzea, a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly energy generating Equipment Company is offering the solutions for using the landfill gas to generate electricity. Apart from being a financial benefit, it has other advantages such as: It drastically reduces the odor released from landfill sites. Fire and explosion hazards are completely prevented. The escape of harmful gas into the atmosphere is avoided. The landfill site could also be re-cultivated quickly.


The Environmental Benefits Of Bio gas Technology: The environmental benefits of biogas technology are often highlighted as the most valid and sustainable , alternative to fossil fuels. Together with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, biogas can enhance energy security, due to its high energetic potential. this renewable energy also allows exploiting agricultural and zoo byproducts, municipal water with a least impact on air quality. Another important advantage of biogas technology is its easy scalability, exploiting the energetic potential of decentralized biomass sources. Another important benefit of biogas is that it can be upgraded to biome thane, can be used as a vehicle fuel or injected into national natural gas grids.