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one of the greatest challenges which societies are facing now and will face in future is the reduction of Green House Gas emissions, thus preventing the climate change. Therefore its must now to replace fossil fuels with renewable resources like Biogas. Biogas can be produced from various organic waste, or as a byproduct from industrial processes. there are other advantages also besides energy production, such as prevention of odour release and the decrease of pathogens through anaerobic digestion. moreover, the nutrients rich digested residue can be used as a fertilizer for recycling the nutrients back to the fields.


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Natural Gas-Fired generation has increased inspite of covid-19 hammered demand. Natural gas-fired power generation grew 55, 000 Gwh/ through the first half of 2020, according to the energy information administration.


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We are pleased to offer New Series MTU gas engine with highest efficiency in its class Enerzea is local partner for MTU Onsite Energy gas engines in India (a Rolls Royce Power System company) and has successfully installed and commissioned many natural and biogas based gas generators and CHP plants in India These gas Gensets are designed for tropical conditions like India and hence ensure trouble free operation of the plant. Enerzea has been predominately able to support varied industrial sectors by providing these rugged Gensets backed with consistence sales and service support from MTU onsite Energy.


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STUBBLE CAN BE CONVERTED INTO BIO-GAS: no need to burn stubble which is one of the main cause of pollution. Many states like Haryana is seriously working on this. Around 50 to 55 lakh Tonnes stubble is produced in this state every year. Eg; about 24 lakh Tonnes stubble can be consumed for the production of 1000 TPD compressed biogas . This biogas can be used either to generate electricity or for heating application as a replacement for LPG or diesel. Enerzea provide biogas gensets which can run on these type of fuel , when used in CHP application the efficiency is at its best .


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650KVA Natural Gas Genset is ready to be dispatched. It is going to replace the old gas turbine . The whole plant including dismantiling of the gas turbine is being supplied by us.


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The 200KVA Biogas Generator set is ready for dispatch for one of our customer in India for distillery application . The Biogas Genset will be used to supply power to customer plant and waste heat form exhaust gas and Jacket water is being recovered to generate hot water for the plant .


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Bio- gas genset is getting assembled in container


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After so much struggle and efforts due to this pandemic covid_19, finally we got this Bio- gas engine. we are happy that we managed to meet the timeline of customer. The complete Gen-set will be shipped to customer place in 3to 4 days time.


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The Transportation of Natural Gas the transportation system for natural gas consists of a complex network of pipelines, designed to transport natural gas very quickly and efficiently , from its origin to areas of high demand for natural gas. There are three major types of pipelines along the transportation route: the gathering system, the interstate pipeline system, and the distribution system.


The share of natural gas in India's energy basket is 6.2% and the government has set a target to raise this to 15% by 2030. India will soon have a new tariff policy that will help bring down the cost of transporting the natural gas. PNGRB is also working on rationalization of tariffs to make natural gas affordable in every part of the country. It will facilitate development of gas market in eastern and north eastern part of the country.