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FOOD WASTE TO ENERGY: AN OVERVIEW OF SUSTAINABLE APPROACHES FOR FOOD MANAGEMENT AND NUTRIENT RECYCLING. Food wastage and its accumulation are becoming a critical problem around the globe due to continuous increase of the world population. The exponential growth in food waste is imposing serious threats to our society like environmental pollution, health risks , scarcity of dumping land etc. we need to take urgently appropriate measures to reduce food waste burden. Currently, after investigating various kinds of approaches for waste food processing and management, Anaerobic digestion approach has proved one of the most eco-friendly and promising solutions for food waste management. Enerzea is proud to have installed biogas to power project from food waste across India. We have biogas Genset ranging from 70Kw to 2000Kw for small to big projects .


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In a major boost for the natural gas economy, the much delayed 444 km long kochi-mangalore natural gas pipeline’s construction has been completed by the GAIL.


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Natural gas and its uses: Natural gas has a broad range of uses: 1. In industry, 2. In the retail and service sectors, and in the non-commercial sector, 3. In households, 4. For the generation of heat and power, 5. In cogeneration, and 6. As a motor fuel in the transport sector (CNG) Natural gas is also used for the heating and cooling of premises, cooking and the preparation of hot sanitary water. As a heat source, natural gas is used in industry in technological processes, and as a raw material in the chemical industry. The main advantage of this fuel is that we don’t require a reservoir- for spatial savings and increased safety making it the most high-efficient and clean burning fuel. Natural gas is highly used in cogeneration, which is particularly significant for the rational consumption of energy and environmental protection. Natural gas can be transmitted from the pumping station to the user via international high-pressure transmission pipelines. Prior to transmission, a technological process is used to clean natural gas of impurities and other matter.


NATURAL GAS AN ATTRACTIVE FUEL OPTION FOR MSME IN DELHI-NCR REGION; The MSME sector has a huge presence in greater NCR. In the NATIONAL CAPITOL TERRITORY of Delhi, there are around thousands of MSME units in industrial and non -industrial areas. More than 50% are mainly in four industrial areas of Wazirpur , Lawrence road, Narela , Badli, and Bawana. As per data collected by TERI, there are over 100 industrial areas and thousands of MSMEs operating in the NCR region, representing multiple sub sectors such as leather goods, garments, textiles, cold storages, utensils, auto components, sports goods, mixed engineering, forging, plastic injection moulding, oil mills, food processing, secondry steel etc. in addition a large number of brick kilns, which primarily use coal as a fuel, also operate in the region. The air quality in this Delhi-NCR region is especially problematic. In this background, TERI undertook a study supported by world bank, to asses the potential and impact of a switch to natural gas from heavier polluting fuels in the MSME sector in NCR. Government is playing an important role in large scale adoption of natural gas by the MSMEs by facilitating creation of necessary infrastructure to ensure reliable supply of natural gas at a subsidized rate to the MSMEs


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Bio-gas plant, a must for hotels: A step towards creating ' Swacch hotels' the hospitality sector is one among the significant waste generators in the country. much of the waste generated within the kitchens, all day long buffets and in room dining leftovers are mostly hauled off to landfills. Managing food waste from big hotels, resorts, restaurants and other commercial hospitality centres is an enormous challenge that the industry is fighting against. Companies like starch industries, distillery , municipal solid waste management company , paper industry has come forward and selected Enerzea for their biogas to power solution Enerzea has supplied biogas Gensets from 200Kw to 1200Kw to these industries


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Generation of biogas and power from maize tapioca and other tapioca flour.Since ages industrial wastewater from tapioca flour has been a problem for the environment, due to the presence of high organic parameters of COD. This effluent can be a significant environmental problem if not managed properly . Enerzea has provided solution for same and installed biogas generator sets and also provided CHP solution on this kind of effluents.


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Power Generation from Poultry Waste The production of power from poultry waste is getting very popular nowadays as it is very cost effective , renewable and sustainable alternative source of energy and organic fertilizer Poultry litter is mixture of rice hulls , saw dust and chicken excreta of broilers . This is mixed with cow dung and poultry droppings for production of biogas under anaerobic conditions Enerzea is providing trunkey solution for generation of power or bio methanisation from poultry litter


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one of the greatest challenges which societies are facing now and will face in future is the reduction of Green House Gas emissions, thus preventing the climate change. Therefore its must now to replace fossil fuels with renewable resources like Biogas. Biogas can be produced from various organic waste, or as a byproduct from industrial processes. there are other advantages also besides energy production, such as prevention of odour release and the decrease of pathogens through anaerobic digestion. moreover, the nutrients rich digested residue can be used as a fertilizer for recycling the nutrients back to the fields.


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Natural Gas-Fired generation has increased inspite of covid-19 hammered demand. Natural gas-fired power generation grew 55, 000 Gwh/ through the first half of 2020, according to the energy information administration.


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We are pleased to offer New Series MTU gas engine with highest efficiency in its class Enerzea is local partner for MTU Onsite Energy gas engines in India (a Rolls Royce Power System company) and has successfully installed and commissioned many natural and biogas based gas generators and CHP plants in India These gas Gensets are designed for tropical conditions like India and hence ensure trouble free operation of the plant. Enerzea has been predominately able to support varied industrial sectors by providing these rugged Gensets backed with consistence sales and service support from MTU onsite Energy.